MD6000 E-Series

MD 6000 Eseries
MD 6000 Eseries Side Shot
MD 6000 Eseries
MD 6000 Eseries
MD 6000 Eseries
MD 6000 Eseries

About the MD6000 E-Series

The Skylift MD6000 E-Series delivers the same power and performance as the MD6000 but has all of the additional benefits associated with being the first battery-powered backyard machine to enter the market.

  • Improved Safety: Quiet operation decreases jobsite noise pollution so your workers can concentrate and communicate more effectively.
  • Increased Efficiency: Following a full day of continuous operation on a single battery charge, you can recharge the battery while running in diesel mode or by using a conventional outlet for all-day operation. Plus, its nearly silent electric mode will allow you to extend work hours in residential areas.
  • Added Sustainability: Produce zero emissions in electric mode to decrease your carbon footprint and diesel usage.


  • Weight: 12,590 lbs. (only 550 lbs. heavier than the MD6000)
  • Length: Chassis 14' 8", Overall 19' 
  • Height: 7′
  • Width: 35” Closed – 50” Open
  • Tracks: 90” Rubber
  • Winch: 6,000 lbs
  • Sheave Height: 40’ / 48’
  • Side Reach: 35′
  • Digging Radius: 24′
  • Insulation: 46kv Category C per ANSI 92.2