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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the warranty on Skylift easement machines and what does the warranty cover?

A: We offer a lifetime warranty on Skylift-fabricated structural parts and one-year warranty on all other parts.

Q: Can Skylift easement machines fit through standard-sized gates?

A: Yes, Skylift mini lines can retract from the 51" wide traveling width to 35" to fit through standard 36" gates.

Q: What are some of the standard ways Skylift easement machines can be customized?

A: Units can be customized with hydraulic tilting pole guides, can handlers, continuous rotation, kelly bar extensions, thermoplastic mats, capstan winches, dual buckets and more.

Q: How much do Skylift easement machines cost?

A: Contact sales for a quote.

Q: How often should Skylift easement machines be maintained?

A: Skylift provides a maintenance schedule with every machine delivered.

Q: Where are machines repaired or serviced?

A: Our equipment can easily be serviced in-house, through our dealer/distributor network or at any knowledgeable hydraulic equipment repair shop.

Q: How long will it take to secure replacement parts?

A: We stock many parts to maximize time in the field. Contact our parts department for you maintenance needs.

Q: What accessories are available for Skylift easement machines?

A: All units have multiple options. Check out the equipment page or call our parts department to learn about accessory options.

Q: Where can I find the particular specifications of each Skylift easement machine?

A: You can find spec sheets for all machines in the equipment section.

Q: What are the Skylift machine travel angles?

A: 10 degrees side to side and 20 degrees front to back.

Q: Where do I find the machine serial number for the MD 6000?

A: Skylift's four-digit serial number can be found on the valve frame data plate.


Q: Where do I find the machine serial number for the Patriot?

A: Skylift's four-digit serial number can be found on the lower turret data plate.




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