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Nick Gordon

The Benefits of Backyard Hybrid Easement Machines

If your organization is looking to hit sustainability goals or implement other green initiatives, you’re not alone. Today, many organizations are looking for ways to contribute to environmental sustainability and a greener future. As a company committed to innovation and sustainability, Skylift developed the MD 6000 E-Series and the ML 53 E-Series, our first hybrid backyard easement machines

These easement machines emit no greenhouse gasses when running on battery, but still offer the same reliable performance as our diesel-powered machines. This makes these machines perfect for utility companies and other organizations looking to meet their sustainability goals. 


That said, there are more benefits to these machines than just sustainability. In this blog, we discuss the three primary benefits of hybrid easement machines from Skylift, so you can decide whether these machines are right for you.

Overview: The MD 6000 E-Series and the ML 53 E-Series


The MD 6000 E-Series and the ML 53 E-Series are hybrid backyard easement machines capable of running entirely on electric or diesel power. Designed for challenging residential utility applications and areas inaccessible to traditional truck-mounted equipment, these machines are compact, with a 35-inch width, allowing them to easily pass through backyard gates. 


  • MD 6000 E-Series - A digger derrick with a 6,000-pound winch, a 24-foot digging radius and a sheave height ranging from 40 to 48 feet. 
  • ML 53 E-Series - A material handler designed to assist line crews with backyard installations and maintenance. It boasts a vertical reach of over 50 feet and has a 1,000-pound material handling jib, making it ideal for lifting heavy materials like transformers.


These hybrid machines are based on the MD 6000 and ML 53, our diesel-powered easement machines, and offer the same level of performance.


Benefit 1: They’re Designed for Carbon Emission Reduction Efforts


As we mentioned at the beginning of this blog, many organizations are looking to achieve sustainability goals and contribute to a greener future. The MD 6000 E-Series and the ML 53 E-Series are hybrid utility machines that emit no greenhouse gasses when running on battery power. 


Their battery packs are designed to operate for a full day on a single charge. That said, both machines come equipped with backup diesel engines that can either power the machines or recharge the battery if needed. This offers you the best of both worlds, ensuring operations remain uninterrupted while aiding your organization’s carbon emission reduction efforts.


Benefit 2: Noise Pollution Reduction


While we didn’t know it while building these new machines, a big benefit of battery-powered equipment is the significant reduction in noise pollution. This means fewer disturbances to the surrounding area and the flexibility to extend working hours to complete projects on time if needed. 


On top of this, the quieter operation benefits workers by eliminating the constant drone of a diesel engine. We have had many workers mention how much they appreciate this. It’s something you don’t know has been bothering you until you finally use our hybrid machines.

Benefit 3: Improved Worker Safety


Skylift machines are always designed with crew safety in mind. Our hybrid models offer all the same safety features as our diesel-powered machines but are even safer because of the reduced noise pollution. If something goes wrong, workers don’t need to shout over loud engines or try to get other people’s attention with hand signals to communicate, ensuring swift and effective responses to the issue at hand.


Plus, quieter machines make it easier to hear potential warning signals as well. For example, if you’re using the MD 6000 E-Series, you may be able to hear unusual sounds that suggest the digger derrick has struck an obstacle. This heightened awareness can prevent accidents and ensure that any issues are promptly addressed, safeguarding both workers and equipment.


Learn More About the E-Series Machines Today


The E-Series hybrid easement machines from Skylift can help you meet organizational sustainability goals, reduce noise pollution and improve worker safety. These advanced machines combine the best of electric and diesel power to provide reliable, eco-friendly solutions for backyard easement applications.


To learn more about the MD 6000 E-Series and the ML 53 E-Series, and to experience these benefits firsthand, reach out to a Skylift representative today and request a quote. Embrace the future of utility equipment with Skylift’s innovative hybrid solutions.





Nick Gordon

Nick Gordon joined Skylift in 2021 with 12 years of experience in the industrial sector. He oversees all aspects of the sales process, as well as marketing and social media content.


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