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Skylift Jun 12, 2024 4:26:11 PM 5 min read

Powering Through the Storm: The Importance of Backyard Easement Machines in Post-Weather Recovery

When severe weather strikes, restoring power and essential services becomes a top priority. The challenge lies in navigating the aftermath – fallen trees, scattered debris and inaccessible areas – to restore infrastructure swiftly and safely. This is where Skylift’s award-winning backyard easement machines come into play. Known for manufacturing best-in-class equipment, Skylift’s innovative solutions play a critical role in storm damage cleanup and power restoration.

The Indispensable Role of Backyard Easement Machines

Backyard easement machines are crucial in post-weather recovery efforts. Traditional methods often fall short when access routes are blocked or when working in confined spaces. Skylift machines, with their flexibility, can reach areas that trucks and other equipment cannot. This accessibility means utility crews can quickly and safely address issues, minimizing downtime and restoring power faster.

  • Access to Inaccessible Areas: These machines can navigate through narrow pathways, backyards and areas blocked by fallen trees or debris, allowing crews to reach the most affected spots quickly.
  • Improved Safety for Workers: By providing a stable and elevated platform, backyard easement machines enable linemen to work on power lines and other infrastructure without the need for dangerous pole climbing, especially in adverse weather conditions.
  • Efficient Debris Removal: Equipped with powerful lifting and moving capabilities, backyard easement machines can clear large debris, giving faster access to damaged infrastructure and speeding up the overall recovery process.
  • Versatility in Application: Beyond storm recovery, backyard easement machines are used for routine maintenance and infrastructure upgrades, making them valuable assets for utility companies year-round.
  • Reduced Recovery Time: By allowing for rapid deployment and efficient operation in hard-to-reach areas, these machines significantly cut down the time required to restore power and essential services.
  • Minimized Environmental Impact: Designed to operate in confined spaces without causing extensive damage to the surrounding environment, these machines help maintain the integrity of affected areas during recovery efforts.

For example, the Skylift MD 6000R model allows crews to set up in tight spaces with minimal maneuvering, thanks to its unique leg rotation and extension capabilities. Such innovative design features enable utility workers to navigate obstacles and work efficiently, even in the most challenging conditions.

Skylift's Innovative and Resilient Equipment

What sets Skylift apart is its commitment to reliability and resilience. Our backyard easement machines are built to withstand the harshest environments, making them ideal for emergency responses. With the highest lift capacity in the industry, Skylift’s equipment can handle substantial debris that other machines cannot, significantly enhancing recovery operations.

Additionally, our machines are designed with precision control, allowing for slight movements to avoid obstacles without causing damage. This level of control is particularly beneficial in storm conditions where precision and safety are imperative. The ability to reset transformers and lines without climbing poles, thanks to our insulated buckets, further ensures the safety of linemen.

Strategic Investment for Utility Companies

For utility companies considering investing in backyard easement machines, Skylift offers a strategic advantage. Time is of the essence in post-weather recovery, and having equipment that can navigate difficult terrains is crucial. Skylift’s fully proportional controls and minimal downtime for repairs ensure that crews can maintain their pace during recovery periods.

In addition, we know that all types of customers, from distributors to small municipalities, need fairly priced, high-quality equipment that will meet their unique needs, which is why we work closely with customers to determine their ideal machines.

Moreover, our commitment to sustainability is evident in our hybrid models, such as the MD 6000 E-Series and ML 53 E-Series, which can switch between diesel and battery power. This reduces the environmental impact while still delivering the same power and performance as our other equipment. 

Comprehensive Training and Support

To ensure optimal use of our machines, Skylift provides extensive training and support. Our tech support team is available for quick fixes, and we offer full in-service programs and updated training upon request. The learning curve with our equipment is minimal, ensuring that utility companies can deploy their teams with confidence.

Continuous Improvement Through Customer Feedback

At Skylift, customer feedback drives our innovation. We continually gather insights from demos, in-services and field uses to refine our equipment. This commitment to listening and adapting has positioned us as a leader in the industry.

Be Prepared for Post-Weather Recovery

Skylift’s backyard easement machines are crucial in storm damage cleanup and power restoration, offering the access, safety and efficiency that utility companies need. Investing in Skylift’s innovative solutions ensures preparedness and resilience in the face of storms. Ready to improve your storm response strategy? Request a quote or contact us today.



Skylift is an award-winning company with a national brand known for manufacturing best-in-class backyard easement machines. Our equipment is a top choice among crews in the field and is built to last in rugged environments.


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